My name is Ronja Ida Weia Driessen and I am a 20 year old Illustrator based in Utrecht. I am a second year Illustration student at the University of he Arts Utrecht (HKU). In the beginning of 2015 I did an internship at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. At that time I started drawing for fun, instead of drawing when I had to for my high school classes. In order to really be free I did this blindfolded. I did this really just to get started but I think it's a great way to empty your head and to create without judgement. I decided to follow the O-course at Gerrit Rietveld Academy that started at the beginning of the academic year of 2015-2016. Almost a year after I started drawing I sold my first Drawing. At that time I still lived in Belgium and decided to move to Rotterdam. At this time I already knew I wanted to study Illustration and I applied to the HKU at the beginning of 2017. Right now I'm in the middle of my study and I do freelance Illustration work besides my study. Besides my drawing history I also have experience in theatre and mime. In 2011 I started following lessons at 'Het Laagland Theater' in Sittard. Since then I played en helped created a lot of different plays. I have also followed theatre and dance masterclasses at Buitenkunst. If you want to see sketches and the process of ongoing projects please take a look at my instagram page that is linked underneath the menu bar on my website. Feel free to contact me about any questions or requests you have for me through the contact page!