I encounter coincidences in my surroundings that feel like they are there only for me to see. These moments fuel my creativity and sometimes I can even translate some moments literally to share them with my audience.
When I start on a project I do a lot of research. I really want to submerge myself in the world I will be creating and make it my own. A strong and smart concept is very important to me. When I am developing the story, I look for patterns and systems to make it credible for myself and my audience, even when it is actually not. Sometimes the medium is actually the starting point for my concept. Otherwise, the medium I think suits the story best will get clear to me in the process of my research. I never exclude any option for this, but I often work with video, objects, clay, or hand drawn ink and watercolour illustrations. In the end I want to make aesthetically pleasing work, whatever topic I'm working on.
The topics that emerge from my work are shapes, colours (from nature), surrealism, time and systems. I like to play with the viewers expectation and I use transformation and zooming in as tools to tell my story.
If you are interested in working with me, or do you have a request for a commissioned work, please contact me via my contact page!