Hand bound book|Ink|stencil printing|hand cut & laser cut
24 x 52 cm
The whole first year Illustration students of the HKU made stencil prints about two subjects; artificial intelligence and the word arthead. We decided to keep the artificial intelligence illustrations black and white, and make the arthead illustration in color. The arthead stencil was hand cut and the artificial intelligence stencil was cut by a laser cutter. Every student was assigned with a letter from the title "kunstmatige intelligentie of kunstkop" which means "artificial intelligence or arthead". We had to include the letter in the artificial intelligence illustration. Everyone also designed and hand cut a stamp out of an rectangular pencil eraser with their letter on it. With a small group including me, we designed a book and made 70 hand bound books with almost 80 illustrations in total bundled in the book. On the left side of the book are all of the artificial intelligence illustrations, and the art head illustrations are on the right side. You can look through through the two subjects seperately. You can always find which two illustrations are made by the same person by looking at the stamp in the middle. If thats connected right, the illustrations match. In that way you can also make new stamp combinations. The book has been sold to different book collectors after each student got their own book. There are still some books left for sale! Contact me for more information.