Before I knew what the topic of my paper would be, I knew one thing. I wanted to use linoleum prints for this paper. When I saw the price of A3 linoleum board I knew I wasn't going to buy 12 boards to make this paper. I thought of a solution. I was going to use only one A3 linoleum board, but how? 
I came up with a system, and with it, the topic and design was born. I started with the last page. I only cut out one tiny rectangle in the middle. After I pressed that page, I cut away the illustration I just printed. All the following illustrations were cut only in a small border space, and were cut away when I printed it, leaving a white space in the middle. On the cover "Limits" is carved in the last border that was left.
After I pressed all the pages, my linoleum board was empty. The prints were the only thing that was left. The paper is more about the proces and the system than about the text inside. That's why there are only titles, no real text. While you turn over the pages the space gets smaller and smaller until the borders reach their limit. 
There are a few papers left! So contact me if you would want to have a copy yourself.